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Calling all Inventors

   with Innovative Projects

   Requesting Partners or

   Investment Capital.

   How to market an invention

   is something all inventors

   worry about. Getting

   funding is often difficult.

   The search for strategic

   partners can by long and

   costly. Credit and grant

   organizations as well as

   private companies require

   the inventor to have back

   up. We can offer inventors

   the back up they need and

   we have access to national

   and foreign capital sources.

   These sources are different

   according to each project.

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About us




John Zorrilla designer and inventor of the Banana Hanger a product sold all over the world. Founder of United in the EE UU, an entrepreneur and inventor

who fully understands and knows what is needed to turn a great idea or inspired invention into something real. He offers corporate image design, and other design services as well as the development of new ideas and inventions. Also offered are protection, manufacturing and marketing consultations with all the experience needed in order to reach established goals.


If you are an inventor, patent lawyer, product manufacturer, and investor or if you just have a good idea, become a member of UNITED Together we can help each other and reach our highest goals.




North American patent content. Granted in 1987

Miami Herald In 1987 and certificates


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