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The Benefits of Membership

Welcome to our organization. We can get inventors and people with good ideas from all parts of the world in different areas in order to have greater strength and develop and carry out great ideas and potential inventions for our nations and the rest of the world. We rely on many years of corporate identity, packaging and other types of design; protection, manufacturing, as well as national and international marketing of our inventions and ideas. Currently we have great potential ideas, so join us. Together we have more strength and therefore we all win. Become a member.

Services offered,
Corporate Identity design, and other Design services, Development of new ideas, Inventions, Protection, Manufacturing, Marketing, Import, Export, Purchasing and Sales. UNITED INVENTORS, Some of the companies dedicated to protecting and helping all those with an invention or potential idea.

             bWe have a private chat room, so we can help each other mutually.

             bEmployment opportunities.

                bFree advertising with photo for our members.

                bPrized and bonuses for those who do a great job.

                bIn the future we will have our convention

                bIf you have an idea for our page, send it to us and if we use it you’ll

                receive benefits

                b10% discount in Jz Logo designs

                bMembers have the opportunity to represent us in their country

                if it is available.  

Countrys in which United Inventors has representatives

 Venezuela  U.S.A   El Salvador

Become a representative of United Inventors in your Country.

We are able to offer our members the experience and support needed to achieve success.

Calling all Inventors

with Innovative Projects Requesting Partners or Investment Capital.

How to market an invention is something all inventors worry about. Getting funding is often difficult. The search for strategic partners can by long and costly. Credit and grant organizations as well as private companies require the inventor to have back up.

We're here to help you.


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    If you have an idea for our 

     page, send it to us and if

     we use it you’ll receive

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